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Featured Lighting Products

Meteor Lighting

Bolt Series

The new Bolt series is an expanded, and upgraded line of high-performing, High/Low bay & Floodlight luminaires from Meteor. Hidden under the hood of this sleek and rugged form, is a new light engine that gives higher performance, versatility, and dynamic possibilities. 

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LIGEO SLC - Dynamic Color Changing Light

The LIGEO™ SLC is a great option to elevate any space with a dynamic focal point with a color-changing light. Ease of setup and break down make LIGEO™ SLC the best option for event lighting. Contact us to learn more about our rental stock program. The LIGEO™ SLC uses Red, Green, Blue, and 5000K LEDs to achieve over 16 million colors. Our standard finishes are available in white, black, silver, and gold.

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LumiCloud Collections

Collections were developed to turn our vast offering into ranges of standardized products for simplicity. Browse our various shapes and sizes, inspired by form & function.

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